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The thinking person's Sexpert! Jacqueline Hellyer is a Sex Geek - unabashedly fascinated by sex, love and intimacy in all its aspects from the biological to the psychological to the spiritual. She is undoubtedly one of Australia’s foremost experts in relationships, sexuality and positive sex. She is highly-qualified in scientific, therapeutic and esoteric sexuality, and has thousands of hours of experience working with private clients as well as group workshops. She is regularly seen in the media, hosts her own weekly radio show The Tantric Lounge, and offers sex therapy & coaching, blog & podcast workshops & retreats, on-line programs, books & more... You can follow Jacqueline on Facebook, Twitter and Linked in.

Recent articles

Make Sex your Hobby

We all know that it’s good for couples to have a mutual hobby. It gives them something to talk about together, to experiment with and to enjoy together. You’re having sex and being intimate anyway, so why not give it the same focus and attention that you give any hobby?

Some Words for the Lower Desire Partner

08 April 2014
Whether you feel bad about it or good about it, if you’re the lower desire partner (LDP) you have a major impact on how often and how well the two of you have sex. Sex is meant to be creative and playful and pleasurable and ever-changing and satisfying.

Playing with Pleasure & Pain

One of the key elements of Kink is playing along the borders of pleasure and pain. This is what makes it so appealing to those who practice kink - and so potentially scary for those who don't. We all have pain thresholds, and the area around that threshold can be exquisitely delightful - if approached in a safe and relaxed manner.

The Sensual Dom(me)

24 July 2012
Sensual Kink is not for everybody, you may not be sure it’s for you or your partner. But hey, it might be, and wouldn’t it open up a whole range of possibilities? Start with a blindfold and some strawberries at the most basic level, and see where your explorations take you…