Martina Hughes

Martina Hughes


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Martina’s vision is to create a world where people know how to express themselves in an embodied and authentic way. She created Tantric Blossoming, the largest Tantric Community in Australia, 11 years ago, offering workshops, private sessions, retreats and training. Since then she has supported 1000s of men and women to feel their hearts and open to sensations of aliveness throughout the body. Martina’s wish for humanity is for each man and woman to know themselves as a powerhouse of love and sexual energy.

Recent articles

A New Revolution: Coming out of the closet again

Yes, sex crept back into the closet. Although the sexual revolution brought experimentation and freedom of sexual expression our current sex education is limited to procreation and disease prevention. This lack of mature sexuality in our society affects everyone; it creates shame, judgment, separation, manipulation and distortion.