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Holly Hill lives by her motto “Never trust an unpromiscuous sex writer”. Her phrase “negotiated infidelity’ has become the buzz phrase of a new age philosophy where sexual urges require honest conversations rather than cold showers. Holly’s books Sugarbabe and Toyboy received massive media exposure especially in July 2010 when Sugarbabe was released in the US. Holly has appeared on Larry King Live, Fox News, CNN, National Geographic “Taboo,” 60 Minutes and Dr.Phil. On a professional level Holly has a BA in psychology and has received critical acclaim for her novels. Holly lives in Sydney and regularly attends swinger, fetish and adult club nights. Holly and her partners actively practice negotiated infidelity, which means seeing other people within a strict set of rules.

Recent articles

Holly Hill’s Cure for Jealousy

12 July 2011
I often get asked in interviews how I deal with jealousy whilst negotiating infidelity. Compare a love where jealousy is acceptable to a love that replaces it with generosity. Which love would you rather have?

When the Fire Goes Out

26 May 2011
If you are reading this article and are in a long-term relationship, chances are you are running about average! Chances are you’ve started taking your partner for granted and if you introduce a little friendly competition into the mix, large holes of ‘us’ time suddenly start appearing in your diaries.

Holly Hill’s Relationship Contract

21 February 2011
This contract is about discussing everything at the start of relationships, rather than when things turn pear-shaped later on. We often end up investing half of everything we own in our spouse (including our sanity!) and it is important to know each others’ expectations.

How To Get His Rocks Off

07 January 2010
Holly lets you into some secrets from a workshop she attended called “Blow his mind” which was run by the Scarlet Alliance. Share these tips tonight – it might be the most empowering thing you ever did.

How To Get Her Rocks Off

07 January 2010
The number one thing that most guys seem to forget is that most girls need their clit stimulated to achieve an orgasm. Holly sets out some easy lessons ... homework has never been so much fun.

Average Jo’s Guide to getting his end wet

12 March 2009
There she is. Sitting over by the bar surrounded by friends and laughing merrily at some joke that stupid jock on her left told her. Imagine it. Her lying in your bed, damp hair askew and begging you to fuck her again. Sounds more fairy tale than fantasy, doesn’t it? Not any more.

Why Women Are (Finally!) Getting Slutty

12 March 2009
Traditionally, female sluts are admired by men and loathed by women, and male sluts are loathed by women and admired by men. (Mars and Venus must be laughing all the way to the Moon.) Yet a change is finally occurring and 20-somethings are beginning to relish just how good a clitoris can make you feel.

When Good Toys Make Great Sex

12 March 2009
So there are a range of toys out there that stimulates clits at the same time as our partner fucks us. They are relatively inexpensive and are just about guaranteed to have you initiating sex, not him.