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Nicole Carrington-Sima


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Nicole Carrington-Sima is a Queensland Clarion Award-nominated journalist with two decades’ experience in newspapers and magazines. Nicole’s “done time” in newsrooms across the country and overseas, in both traditional and new media. With special interests in sexuality, sexual health and social justice, she recently left her high-profile, ten-year stint at News Corp to go freelance. A bona fide word nerd, Nicole’s first love (apart from heels) is feature writing, but she also specialises in corporate communication, editing/proofreading and ghost-writing books.

Recent articles

How to Survive a Sex Drought

Let’s get real, sex droughts are common in long-term relationships - indeed they’re normal. And anyone who tells you differently is lying and/or selling something. The good news is you can stoke those fires of passion once more if you’re prepared to work at it.