Cock Sucker

September 02, 2016 - A True Story by | Hot Hookups
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I used to be a drinker and woke up with this guy sucking my cock, darting his tongue into the eye flicking out the pre cum,licking it as one does an ice cream then taking it right in his mouth up down all the time playing with my balls and rubbing his thumb on my arse hole .
And you know what happened next I exploded I came and came and he keep sucking draining all my cum as if it was coming from my toes.
Then I was in a threesome years later and his wife wanted to watch me suck him off
I repeated what had happen to me all those years ago and as he exploded his arse was heaving off the bed and the guttural sounds turned his wife on that much she just rolled me on my back straddled me and ground her wet sloppy cunt all over my face.
Would you like to know what happened the next time I went back?

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