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I received a wink from a young woman in her mid 20s who wanted to talk via messages to an older man on a Daddy/Daughter basis. I was in my mid 50s at the time and so it fitted nicely and I thought it might be interesting. In the first message, we started with me asking whether she had been a good

March 14, 2017 - A True Story by | Hot Hookups
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WAS there life before AMM? I had been without a woman for about thirteen years I calculated (yes, thirteen!) and so I finally bit the bullet and joined AMM. After a devastating relationship break up, my sexual sanity had been surviving over those years by masturbating from memory of the few women I

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I used to work at a large firm in the western suburbs when I was about 30 (about 35 years ago). They had a lot of employees, mostly little Asian ladies who worked on the assembly lines. They had about 2500 workers on site and so they also had a canteen which everyone frequented. One of the women in this

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It all started when me and the Missus were up on the Gold Coast staying with my wifes best friend sister and her 17 year old daughter. After a wild night on the town with my wife Cheryl and Michelle the night before relaxing all day was the only option for me. When I awoke later that morning Michelle

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This happened about 6 or 8 years ago. I checked my AMM account one day and a woman living in Kirribilli had sent me a wink. I had a look at her AMM page which said that she was looking for men for lunchtime meetings for sex. I wasn’t retired then and so I couldn’t get off work just like that, whereas

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I had some fun a week or so ago during the day on a weekday. I was on the other side of Sydney buying some equipment and once I finished I went to the local bowling club for lunch and a play on the pokies. The pokie room was nearly empty so I chose a machine, sat down and proceeded to loose my money.

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MELBOURNE Weds Feb 15, night time Don gets to Cindy's at 10.45pm, ready to leave at 6am for early flight to Wellington. Cindy demands to be fucked then has an orgasm on her toys while Don talks utter filth to her to get her off, telling her how she will be a whore for random Kiwi cocks for several
I was 19 and had just bought my first new car a 1976 Ford Escort and was taking my mates sister to the local drive in ...I've known my mate a couple of years we met through trade school he was a year older than me and had a younger sister who I only spoke too on odd occasions when I visited my mates

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We talked for about a week two weeks online then finally we're just like stuff this lets meet up and have some fun It was about 830-9 at night during the week she said come around So I rocked up a bit nervous and excited but hard as a rock haha She come downstairs and let me in we had a hug and

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Hi I thought I would share a true story that happened, on holidays a couple of weeks ago. I Recently flew to Qld for a holiday and the weather was great and being single for the first few days I thought it would of been lovely to be spending this time on the beaches with a lovely lady but it was good

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i will put you up against the wall kiss you gently, passionately and seductively our bodies against each other working my way down to your neck as your breathing gets heavier i undo your blouse whilst kissing and caressing you after your buttons are undone and your chest is exposed to me i work

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This is a true story written by sexy hot wife I met last month. I don’t like to think of myself as having a ‘type’ but when considering prospective partner there are a few characteristics that are known weaknesses. One of them is baldness, another is size. Not just penis size but physical size. I

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A warm smell from the oil burner, a musk fragrance, slowly fills the air. The room is softly lit with four candle placed on the corners of the rug that has been spread out, with a small pillow at one end. On the floor by the rug is a container of hot water with a bottle of oil warming in it. Playing

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He taught me. In an official capacity. He taught me. In an unofficial capacity. To use my tongue for another language. To accept pleasure. To tread unexplored and wild sensual pathways. This after I let him know my interest. Tall, white haired and scarred. A lot older. It was the teaching. Memories

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Sorry about the typos not the best speller or do the best puncuation just a brief story. It was a cold winter's night about two years ago on a sunday morning. I had a big night the day before and was just having a quiet night at home going thru AMM. I was on the social chat room and there a user who

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So finally after two years, I met a lovely lady who i'll be discreet and won't mention her name for private purposes, finally met up and fucked her. Haha it was years in the making and was worth it. So last Friday 20th Of January. It was like any other Friday night until I got a call from her. I usually

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It all started at a well known Adelaide hotel on a hot friday night where our small company had gathered to relax after a long year. When I arrived most of the group were there including my bit on the side (Anna) We had a sex a couple of times in the past, but never amounted to anything more than a

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Karen was tired, she seemed to be always tired these days. She sighed as she finished the washing up. Not for the first time she cursed her ex, Don, what went wrong with them? Karen was pressed to know. What she did know was that the passion had left long ago and while it took her some time to work out

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That message after a night with a new playmate.. the one that says how much they enjoyed your company, the ones that bring smiles to the eyes and to the soul. Yesterday was one of them days. A wonderful night that involved mutual enjoyment and satisfaction. Knowing or at least hoping that it will

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She sits there on her bar stool, fingers playing with her almost empty wine glass. Blood red nails sliding up and down the stem, the rim of the glass stained with her lipstick. She looks around the classy bar, eyes running over the bodies of the men who are gathered there. As she goes to turn back