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July 25, 2016 - A Fantasy by | Hot Hookups
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She had been enjoying the new house and things were almost all in place - the rest would take a while but she needed a break and to spoil herself she had lain on her bed with a book after breakfast and shower a cup of tea close by.... she was comfortable and content but after a few chapters she realised that her hand that had been resting on her hips had found itself on her groin and had been slowly feeling rubbing stroking herself through her gym leggings... she stretched and pushed her book away and soon her thoughts returned once again to the removalist who had been intimate with her only 4 days before... her thumb traced the outline of her vagina and she lifted her legs and pulled her leggings off underneath she saw her pussy being revealed I the mirror, her legs parted she explored herself and was surprised at how wet she was. Her toy was in the bedside drawer and she reached for it realising she didn't need lube it slid right in after gliding up her wet slit and parting her lips easily and she felt it pushing its way in like a hungry horny dog that she had watched mounting a bitch in the park the day before ... she played imagining past lovers and her husband who had thrust his way in hungrily eagerly only 2 hours ago.... the phone rang suddenly disturbing her thoughts and actions was the removalist phoning from his truck he was close by and could he come by and collect the boxes that they had used as agreed? .... she confirmed the time and told him the boxes had been stacked under the carport - no worries he said cheerfully and hesitated before he rang off she knew he wanted to say something but declined...

She smiled and picked up her vibe again her thoughts now suddenly focussed on their encounter and she soon was writhing on her way to her first big cumm remembering the taste of his nipple his smell and how his thumb had popped into her puckered button , how had he known that she enjoyed being explored like that ..? she reached for her other toy and the lube and was just prepping her ass when she heard the rumbling of a truck outside... he was early...

He had found the boxes and finished packing them in the truck and was about to press the button that would lift the ramp back in place before driving off when he heard footsteps sound on the metal ramp turning round he saw her wearing the same red dress and he knew that look that she had on her face he had seen it a few times in his job .. and he smiled and pushed the button and dropped his shorts ... she took him in hand and felt his already wet cock before she went down on her knees and took his member into her mouth he stood there and relished her tonguing around his head and up and down his shaft, she licked his balls which she sucked into her mouth and he groaned, reaching over her bent back he pulled her dress up and took a check in each hand and squeezed and massaged her buttock sand pulled her hard into his cock which she was suddenly deepthroating, he spanked her creamy white cheeks hard 3 times and smiled as she flinched and heard her stifled cry and he saw the pinkness of her flesh... he soothed her by rubbing her cheeks and then his finger went into her crack finding it slippery and greasy with the lube that she had liberally applied ....his finger found its way in and she let out an animal like cry , he was close and he withdrew his cock from her eager mouth it was dripping with precum and her saliva and he turned her around quickly.... she grabbed her buttocks spreading them as he rubbed his cock on her ass getting lubricated and then pushing his hardness against the resistance of her tight muscle... he entered her in one long slow steady movement and she gasped holding onto a table in the van she was soon spread over it and he withdrew again slowly entering her again till his cock was deep inside her warmth..... he started fucking her ass steadily, talking to her the whole time telling her what he was doing to her and how good it was to fuck her asshole and that she was a good girl and she knew who was the right man to fuck her - playing to the sub in her - he was soon in a rhythm and she was loving it - she had already had 3 orgasms and was building for another the feeling of fullness satisfied her and she loved being taken by a confident man .... she squirted and felt the liquid wet her thighs and splash on the floor and she basked in the sensation until a number of hard thrusts later with a grunt and a cry he stiffened and she delighted in knowing that his cumm had spurted deep inside her ..... he turned her around and kissed her tasting his own cock while he expertly fingered her bringing her easily to 2 more quick and spurting orgasms which she cried out to the sound echoing hollowly in the warm van smelling of hessian and cardboard.....he held her for a while and then pushed the button, the door lowered to the ground and she walked a little unsteadily down the ramp feeling wetness oozing from both holes ... she was going to need a nap very soon and she knew she would feel his mark and presence for a day at least... she liked knowing that she had been fucked good and hard ......

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