Humble beginnings, name changes and a dedicated team of volunteers helped form Australia 's oldest gay volleyball club FREEZONE. The club has a focus on providing a friendly environment to all participants.

Commencing as the SCOG Volleyball Club circa 1982, teams from the club played firstly in the East Sydney Volleyball Association competitions held at the University of New South Wales . Freezone has sent at least one team to each of the Gay Games. Fundraising and social get togethers have been part of the clubs history too as well as Beach Volleyball events for one and all!

From such a foundation and proud history of fun, competition and social events the club has evolved and assisted in the promotion of our great sport. The club is a stand alone, incorporated body that is financially sound and well supported. The club has fielded men’s and women’s Teams in Local Competitions.

The cosmopolitan flavour of the club has been around since its inception with players origins ranging from Japan and the Pacific Islands to Canada and beyond just in the first year of operation. The club has run International Tournaments over the years where teams from Europe and North America have arrived! The greatest triumph however was for the club to be the host team at the Sydney Gay Games in 2002.



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