Bi-Sensual, Sydney

Bi-Sensual, Sydney
... sit back, kick off your shoes, grab a drink and let me introduce you to Bisensual.

My name is Kat and I run Bisensual - parties and events for bi/curious ladies. Each year I hold three to four events around Australia for bisexual or curious ladies. These events range from full weekends in exotic locations to one night parties in the CBD.

The venues I choose are always up-market and very private with most being large executive-style homes. The costs are reflective of accommodation, fully inclusive and very affordable.

The locations exotic and the events I include are enlightening and outside the "norm" where you step outside your comfort zones whether that be rafting down the Baron Gorge, hot air ballooning, jumping from 10,000 feet or snorkelling on the beautiful Great Barrier Reef to an erotic party with like minded ladies. I do not set age and size criteria; what I ask is that you be friendly, accepting of other people and their beliefs, warm and welcoming and leave your baggage at home. I recognise that you can not be attracted to everyone so I take reservations based on sexual preferences.

Lastly, there is a misconception that because no guys are invited that these events are for lesbians. This is not the case; actually this is one of the criteria you must meet, viz be bisexual or curious. Guys are not allowed as these events are for the ladies only, where we can be ourselves without worrying about our partners.



Erotic Parties, Weekend Retreats

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