The Sacred Art of Kissing

by Adult Match Maker - 09 April 2017 - 31 Comments

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Kissing isn’t always about smacking your lips together and sharing saliva … no, there is so much more to kissing than that. So, what is it that makes for an exquisite kiss between two lovers? Is it the actual technique? Is it the energy exchange? Is it fast & passionate, or slow and lingering … or somewhere in-between? 

I've often pondered these questions, because let’s face it, some kisses are wayyyyyyy more enjoyable than others. Yes, it does take two to tango, but sometimes is just doesn’t really flow as well as it should and, well, there’s always room for improvement, right?

So, here are six extra sensual kissing techniques that I recommend for your kissing pleasure in 2017.

#1 Make your lover yearn for your lips

Begin by allowing your lips to linger in front of your lover’s lips. Breathe. Feel your lover’s gentle breath linger over your lips and into and around your mouth. Take a moment to feel into the subtle energy between you ... linger in the stillness & silence. Do not rush. Build up the yearning … resist the temptation to bring your lips together and pull away when you feel they want you. Build up a yearning within you both. Make your lover beg silently for the taste and sound of your kiss. And then, when you are ready, and only when you are ready, brush your lips up against theirs, but only slightly, giving them a taste of what’s to come. Gently, softly ... feel the subtleness of the energy ... the subtle vibration of their lips ... their scent ... their taste ... their unique flavour.

#2 Go slow, super slow

Now that you’ve mastered the art of the linger (see above #1), you can progress into slow kissing. Remember, kissing is quite possibly one of the most sensual and exquisite sexual acts that exists, therefore, I encourage you not to rush, instead slow your kissing down to an excruciatingly slow pace, eventually building it up to a deeper & more intense experience. Do not introduce the tongue straight away, begin with small slow kisses (remembering to breath, don't hold your breath). Explore your lovers lips, taste them in every cell of your body … go slow, so slow that you feel them wanting more, but knowing you have all the time in the world to build up the intensity. 

#3 Breathe

Using your breath during kissing allows the sexual energy to flow up through your body & chakras, eventually syncing with each other to create a beautiful flow of sexual energy that connects you at a deeper level. There’s no special breathing, simply don’t hold your breath and when you feel it’s getting unbearably hot (and you’re so turned on you can’t stand it anymore), imagine that you are breathing the sexual energy up from your sex centre (the area at your cock or pussy) and into your heart and consciousness. This is a simple practice that allows for the energy to flow through your entire body, connecting you with your lover at all three centres (not just your sex centre). 

#4 Alternate between slow and sensual, and hard and rough

Ok, so you’ve mastered the art of slow kissing and things are getting hot and heavy. It’s time to alternate between slow kissing and firmer kissing … introduce a harder, sexier, more predatory kiss. Perhaps you gently scratch your lover's back while your tongue enters their mouth with more force. Perhaps your breathing is deeper, and your sounds are louder (yes, sound is very welcome during kissing). Perhaps you gently bite your lover’s lip, or you bite their neck, bringing out your wild woman/warrior that has a deep yearning to fuck them. Alternate between this style of kissing, the yearning and lingering, and the slow kissing. 

#5 Eye contact, eye contact, eye contact

There is nothing sexier than a lover who looks you in the eyes and can hold your gaze. Not everyone is comfortable with this, so if the thought of it makes you cringe, I suggest you begin to get comfortable with it, because eye contact is CRUCIAL for mind-blowing sensual kissing and sex. So, if you feel like the kissing is getting increasingly hot and heavy, and you want to slow down, slowly pull away, open your eyes and wait for your lover to do the same. Now hold their gaze, and be truly present with each other. Simple eye gazing can bring about orgasm without any touching or kissing … it’s such a powerful and beautiful way of connecting and a true form of intimacy. Also, try kissing with your eyes open, this is one of the most erotic and sensual ways to connect.

#6 Use sound

Don’t be afraid to let out sound when you are kissing. Sound activates our body so when we allow ourselves to let go and breathe, the sound of kissing is beautiful, erotic and even more powerful. You may also find that slow, intimate kissing can bring about orgasm … and orgasm is even more powerful when sound is used as a form of expression. So let loose with the sound!

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  1. lollysaresweet

    5 days ago
    It's all in the art of Kissing..Love passionate kisses and only way
    To find out if there is a connection between...each other
    The anticipation of having amazing time together in bed
    I believed start with a Great@Kisses
    I get excited about this article..xx
  2. Missplayful55

    5 days ago
    Kissing, I love a good kisser and not everyone has the art, which is very disappointing , and yes it's all in that first kiss.
  3. batman2018

    More than a week ago
    There is no more tell tale sign of a great lover than the way they kiss. There is simply nothing like the anticipation of a first kiss ...


    More than a week ago
    I absolutely agree Batman.
  4. integratedlove

    More than a week ago
    Kissing can be such a turn on and builds the tension and desire. and agree that it brings a connection that would otherwise not be there xx
  5. voodude

    More than two weeks ago
    I love kissing. It's such an important step. A woman kisses you how she wants to be kissed, so I always follow that lead and it's never been disappointing.


    More than two weeks ago
    I guess I shouldn't complain about the few that cotton on pretty quickly just how well I kiss and adapt to my style and flow and are blown away at what I do to them.
  6. HiLibido7

    More than two weeks ago
    Absolutely !
    It's all in the kiss.
  7. Leolady727

    More than two weeks ago
    Oh yes - that first kiss is SO important - I think you can always tell whether or not someone will be a good lover by the way they kiss. Too inhibited or too sloppy - waste of time!
  8. mspoppins

    More than two weeks ago
    Love it! What a great article and reminder for me to slow down a little, thank you xx
  9. greatguy28

    More than two weeks ago
    Kissing is So So So important .
    Passion lust ?? kissing .
  10. FriendlyGuy1965

    More than two weeks ago
    Yes, I love sensual kissing/sensual sex so much . Specially when you combine kissing and having sex - it is just magic !! One of my favourite positions is spooning, as it allows us to kiss together leaving my right hand free to touch /rub her slowly all over from her breast to all the way down to her vagina while i am pulsing inside her. Giving her a slow oily rub massage is another nice method of incorporating kisses into the mix that we can both enjoy and orgasm. Enjoy your day !! Friendlyguy
  11. Petewil

    More than two weeks ago
    One of my first Internet dates was ten years older and 50 kilos heavier than her photos with grey hair not the red of the photos. These things weren't deal breakers, I am extremely open minded and tolerant of but when she kissed me goodnight the first kiss was like kissing a boxer dog. Deal breaker! Your article perfectly describes my love of kissing, sniffing and licking every millimetre that I can reach.
  12. nativxxx

    More than two weeks ago
    whys it gotta be ur topixx mmm jus twi sae mi mumz alwaes said alwayz member a kiss alwaes leads twi sumthing else nd by her grace eye kissed mi girlfriend nd then led twii havinn bambinoz nd bexuminn mii wyfe..haha si yeah also wen u xiss xxiss with heart u pheel the passion nd love moove ur soul...twi practice frencvhkiss practice on icecream in a xone...apply technique twi lipps all inn the xonnectivitee of the xizz...keep praxticing
  13. friskypuz

    More than two weeks ago
    love a good kiss, if on a first meet it is sensual and alluring leaves you wanting more, but a bad kiss is a deal breaker.
    nothing worse than for me is a first kiss when the tongue is shoved in hard and I uninviting, makes you nearly choke rather than wanting more,,
    I have been told I have soft full lips, and give a great kiss..
  14. triXXXi66

    More than two weeks ago
    When we first started to play as a couple we talked about whether we would kiss the other couple. We thought not, but we found it is a great way to have a bond with the other partner and certainly adds to the act of swinging. To experience another kiss instead of the one you are used to can be exciting and erotic and only add to the total experience of sharing your bodies!


    More than a week ago
    We agree with you completely. We believe that it brings a closer intimacy, and a higher level of erotica into the experience. Especially when two couples click on all levels, it just add to the overall excitement.
  15. mrmikehelen

    More than two weeks ago
    Sensual kissing is the greatest turn on.
    It's the ultimate prelude to some loving sex.
    Rough kissing allways turns into a good fuck session.
    The kissing usually dictates the type of sex we have.
  16. DDdelite

    More than two weeks ago
    I cannot say it any better, thank you so much for this article Juliet!

    I ache for kisses like this. I've always viewed kissing as an art form. So many men have no idea how to kiss in a passionate manor. Nice full and pliable lips turn me on. You can take your hard thin lips ... And well ... You know lol.

    If I can't picture kissing someone I am not going to have sex with them. And as Melody says, if the kiss is bad so usually is the sex. Most men and I'm sure some women may be the same, just don't get the art and turn on of a really good kiss. Most men who meet me, after talking for a while, are aching to kiss me. Then if we do and I'm often let down.


    More than two weeks ago
    That's because they're not paying attention and only kissing you how they think it should be done without reading any signals from you at all. The first kiss is sublime, and as you say, an art form, and should be respected.
  17. JourneyMan2054

    More than two weeks ago
    Thank you for sharing this article. It is particularly salient for me as I've just come from a place where almost all the above was happening with my lover. Its very special and sets the scene for all that follows...not sex but love making (and nice to know we were doing it right!).
  18. Transingle

    More than two weeks ago
    While I am being kissed if a man can get me to lift one leg of the ground I know he is going to be wonderful to be with . I love also to be kissed during love making all over and also love to do the same for the person I am with looking into there eyes seeing that each place gives a spark of life as I do so.
  19. Melody2973

    More than two weeks ago
    Soooooo many men don't kiss well :(, honestly it's disappointing. I'm sure the same can be said for women. When you encounter someone that just gets it, it's magic :))), if the kiss sucks the sex usually does as well :(


    More than two weeks ago
    Would you be surprised to hear there are many bad female kissers out there too?


    More than two weeks ago
    Very true.


    More than two weeks ago
    And soooo many girls to , we Latin American people we kiss and kiss we know the diferente between kissing and kissing :-) nothing worse to kiss a person who smoke


    More than two weeks ago
    No I wouldn't be surprised :)


    More than two weeks ago
    Kissing is so important.
  20. Jessyj

    More than two weeks ago
    Wow! After reading this article I am now yearning to be kissed! The want of a lover's kiss; the need of a lover's kiss; the feel of a lover's kiss. I simply love kissing. To be kissed in the right way. My lips are truly tingling at the thought of being smothered with passion; locked with another's. Ahhhhhhhhhhh Jxxx


    More than two weeks ago
    Yes, you can almost feel the excitement of it!

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