Inside the Orgy Dome at Burning Man Festival

by Adult Match Maker - 06 April 2017 - 13 Comments

This article originally appeared in The Sun

For most of us, getting down and dirty at a festival is more to do with energetic dancing and a lack of shower and toilet facilities. But for visitors to Burning Man Festival in Nevada desert’s Black Rock City, the term has a far more sexual connotation.

According to The Sun, among the attractions at the yearly event, which sees tens of thousands of people gather for at least a week of rebellious mayhem, is the Orgy Dome.

Run by a group called And Then There’s Only Love, the 24-hour giant tent is billed as a safe, “a sex-positive, consensual space for couples and moresomes to play”, welcoming “the combination of love in all forms”.

Everyone’s invited – regardless of whether you’re straight, lesbian, gay, bi, poly-amorous or monogamous.

More than 5,000 people enjoyed the delights of the Dome at last year’s festival, with couples reportedly queuing up to go inside.

According to one frequenter at the festival venue, the Orgy Dome has a “nice set up, clean towels and cushions, and moderate climate control. The door is always staffed and you must be with a partner to enter, though some partner swapping has been known. Inside is generally not a writhing pile of 10 or 15 naked bodies as the name might suggest. Usually the dome is occupied by couples, with some threesomes and moresomes. There are some people watching on the edges, voyeurism and having an audience are definitely in play here, so know that going in. If someone is bothering you, most of the time they’ll stop when you ask, although the tent staff is happy to help resolve any uncomfortable problems that may arise.”

As well as old-fashioned orgies, the Orgy Dome is fully equipped with massage tables, mattresses lining the walls, sheets, couches and supplies including lubricants and condoms.

There are also classes on sadomasochism, group erotic massage and theme nights, ranging from threesome specials to competitions for the ‘loudest moaners’.

One visitor told Cosmopolitan that consent to play in the Dome is an absolute necessity. She said: “If you ask if you can play with a couple, you’d still need to ask, ‘Can I touch your breasts?’, ‘Can I go down on you?’, ‘Can I f*** you both in the butt?’. Consent is an active process and can be removed at any point.”

Her partner added: “It’s something different and exciting. The organisers are careful to make sure that everyone who goes in intends to have sex - they don’t want anyone just hanging out. If anyone does, they’re asked to leave. Some areas are designated for couples, and other sections are labelled ‘open for more’, meaning that those couples can be approached by others who want to join in.”

Another visitor, 28-year-old Jocelyn, went in the Dome with her husband Luke. She told how it was the first time they had engaged in group sex, describing it as a “a catalyst for that lifestyle”.

Jocelyn explained: “All kinds of people are there: young, old, and all different body types and nationalities. “It’s dark, and there’s sensual music playing in the background. You can practically taste the sexual tension. Once they call your group name, you remove jackets and shoes, and they’re stored for you in a cubby outside of the dome. It’s dimly lit inside, air-conditioned, and the ground is made of those black rubberised puzzle-piece floor tiles. There are several mattresses, each with fresh sheets. An attendant escorts you to your mattress. Entrants are also encouraged to use baby wipes and hand sanitiser.”

Jocelyn told how she, Luke and four others shared a mattress and eventually took over a second one.

She said: “At one point, I was being fingered by one of the guys, while his wife was going down on Luke. Luke and I were just looking at each other the whole time, like, ‘OMG, this is rad’.”

Luke added: “Jocelyn and I clearly have very similar tastes in ladies. We talked about it afterwards and both felt particularly drawn to one of our friends. Not surprisingly, we slept with her and her husband at our wedding reception! We’re still great friends with the other couple too.”

Burning Man 2017 will run from Sunday, 27 August through to Monday, 4 September.


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  1. Melody2973

    More than two weeks ago
    Not sure it's for me but each to their own ??
  2. looking1103

    More than two weeks ago
    Australia has Confest, whilst not so much on the sexual thing, you walk around naked, or not, can choose to hook up, or not, whatever really, its no judgement, all shapes and sizes, my fave is the silent disco, you get headphones upon entry and have two choices of music to listen to and everyone is dancing away, but no sound in the tent, aweeeesomely hilarious and so much fun!!!!


    More than two weeks ago
    Yes, went last year. An amazing amount of people. But very little sex. I suppose about a third of the people are naked, but a bit frustrating with little play. Having said that, there are some interesting workshops, including kissing. A must do at least once!


    More than two weeks ago
    the kissing workshop, yes i did that, soooo nervewracking, but definitely interesting.

    Confest isnt really touted as a "sex" festival, maybe thats why yours fills the gap so well, excuse the pun!!!
  3. NudeBiOrgies

    More than two weeks ago
    Don't forget ORGY IN THE WOODS is probably the closest to this! On large acreages, camping, pergolas, campfires, massage tables, BBQ & lots of fun. Happens in NSW, VIC & Byron Area twice a year in each location. They come from near and far. Check out


    More than two weeks ago
    We always hear fantastic feedback about your events!
  4. Herby108

    More than two weeks ago
    Sounds good it's all about having fun no matter your age or shape ??
  5. DDdelite

    More than two weeks ago
    Our nations capital needs one! Every state ideally. Wouldn't that be great!
  6. friskypuz

    More than two weeks ago
    Sounds like fun, ,
  7. Leolady727

    More than two weeks ago
    Unfortunately, judging by the photos, this is only for young people with young, hot, bodies :-(


    More than two weeks ago
    As a "festival" style event it certainly appeals to the younger market but we know of a group of 40+ Aussies heading there this year. We searched on Instagram for images to include and obviously professional photographers are going to post their "best" shots. Search Google images and you'll find plenty more photos (but which we wouldn't have copyright to reproduce).
  8. beachboy45

    More than two weeks ago
    Australia needs a burning man festival


    More than two weeks ago
    Actually we have 2 - Burning Seed is in NSW & Blazing Swan is in Perth. Obviously not on the scale of this but pretty amazing initiatives. You'll definitely find Burning Seed on Facebook.

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