Is masturbating good for me?

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24 May 2015
There are a number of scientific reasons why masturbation is good for you and, in fact, should be part of your wellness routine.

Can I be allergic to sperm?

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18 May 2015
No, it's not a practical joke. Semen allergies are real, and they can develop seemingly out of nowhere. Fortunately, they don't have to spell the death of your sex life.

Why can't I have an orgasm?

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14 May 2015
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I’ve tried dildos, vibrators, and pretty much everything else out there and I can't seem to orgasm. My partner is starting to feel self-conscious, which just makes the whole thing worse. Help!

I have a low libido - what should I do?

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11 May 2015
Low libido is a multi-faceted problem with a singularly frustrating result. Here's what may be at the root of your problem - and how you can go about fixing it.

Can men have multiple orgasms?

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06 May 2015
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Sceptics, begone! Multiple orgasms are perfectly attainable for almost any gentleman, and you don't even need titanium balls to achieve them.

Can men really be bisexual?

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28 April 2015
As many bisexual men are likely to say themselves, they really do exist! But why does society insist on treating them like unicorns?