No pesky tan lines! 6 of the World's Best Nude Beaches

by Adult Match Maker - 24 December 2015 - 47 Member Comments

How good is Summer! Lazy days and sultry nights. The anticipation of holidays and the fresh start of a new year. It's probably one of our most favourite times of the year.

Icy poles and long evenings and, one of the best summer activities around, swimming at the beach! There's something so inherently relaxing about the smell of salt and coconut sun cream. Even the screech of seagulls can add to that air of languid relaxation. And there's one thing that can make it all even more relaxing, even more indulgent - and that's getting your kit off and going skinny dipping!

Have you ever done it? It's truly liberating. The sun warming your skin all over, the cool freshness of water enveloping you. It's getting back to nature at it's source, and we all need a little of that now and then.

This summer holiday season, we at AMM have decided to give you a tour of some of the best nude beaches around the world; from our very own Australian doorstep, to some of the most beautiful and secluded spots around the world.

So grab a fancy cocktail in a coconut shell (don't forget the umbrella), put your feet up in the shade, and start planning your next summer holiday!


Maslin Beach South Australia

This was Australia's very first officially legal nude beach back in 1975. There is 1.5kms of gorgeous sand and water in which to frolic in your birthday suits, and the towering white cliffs behind give it a secluded feel and a private air. Since 1983 it has hosted the Nude Olympics (although due to complaints from the actual Olympic committee it has now been renamed the Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games) with all sorts of fun events including naked three legged races, naked tug-o-wars and the prestigious “Best Bum” competition. Bring your sun cream, bring a hat, and get sporting!

Lady Bay Beach New South Wales, Australia

Although Maslin Beach was the first Australian nude beach to gain legal status, Lady Bay likes to remind everyone that it was the first naked beach with people bathing nude there well before it gained legal status in 1976. Snuggled in a rocky cove, the blue water laps at the yellow sand, and it's only the distant view across the water to Sydney's iconic skyline that reminds you you're actually not that far from the busiest metropolis in Australia. Because of it's iconic status, it's a regular hotspot for nudists and voyeurs alike, so just be aware you may become a “tourist attraction” in your own right.

Wreck Beach Vancouver, Canada

With 7.8kms of beach to enjoy, this internationally acclaimed nude beach, just 15 minutes from central Vancouver, is North America's largest nude beach. It was even nominated to be recognised as one of Canada's Seven Wonders! Generating around $60 million a year in tourist dollars this is a popular beach for not only tourists, but for locals and their families as well. In fact, with attitudes to nudity so loose and relaxed, it is the busiest beach in Canada during the summer, getting up to 14,000 visitors a day! So if it's seclusion and privacy you're after this may not be the beach for you, but if you're a group or family who love to enjoy the freedom and liberation that nudity can bring, then pop this on your holiday list!

Plage De Tahiti Saint Tropez, France

Plage De Tahiti in St Tropez France was put on the map by 60s starlet Bridget Bardot in the movie “And God Created Woman”, and since then has continued to be a popular nudist beach for both tourists and celebrities alike. Located at the northern part of Pampelonne Beach, the white sand and clear water beckons you, and is regularly named as one of the top nude beaches in Europe.
Because of it's celebrity-heavy patronage it's a good idea to leave your camera at home (getting beaten up by bodyguards or sued by a celebrity isn't particularly conducive to a relaxing summer holiday). So if you're after an indulgent holiday where you can get naked among some of the world's top celebrities, this is the place for you.

Red Beach Crete, Greece

So called because of it's amazing red sand and towering cliff faces, Red Beach in Crete was named the second best nudist beach in the world by Fox News (just behind Little Beach in Maui). Secluded away from foot traffic, the easiest way to get there is by boat (or a 25 minute hike from Matala), it is a place where nudists can swim and socialise without the fear of prying eyes and voyeurs who just want a perve. With an amazing world class marine cave to explore, and the surreal Martian-like landscape, this is a gorgeous and also interesting place to visit, swim, hike and canoe. All in the buff!

Little Beach Maui, Hawaii

Although not technically legal, Maui's Little Beach has been a nudist hotspot for decades with law enforcement basically turning a blind eye and allowing people to enjoy themselves. Coming in first place in the Fox News best nude beaches award this gorgeous stretch of beach is classic Hawaii. With drum circles and fire dancing in the evenings and top notch surfing and boogie-boarding in the waves, it's only a short walk from Big Beach and over an ancient lava flow to naked Hawaiian heaven. Be warned there is very little shade, so an umbrella and a bucket of sun cream should be on your bring list.

Remember, nudist beaches are not about sex, they are about freedom of expression, about freedom of body and about freedom of the constraints of clothes and other societal binds. They are not free-for-all perve spots and most certainly are not free-for-all swinger love ins, so be respectful and kind and, although you're showing it off, don't be an arse and ruin it for everyone else. And don't forget the sun cream!!

47 Member Comments

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  1. coolcpl88

    More than a month ago
    Birdie beach lake munmorah is great spot to relax
  2. adventure4menu

    More than a month ago
    I would like to add Birdie Beach in the Lake Munmorah National Park, Central coast NSW, the north end of this beach is legal and has a big week end following on a summers day ...lots of guys during the week but its a fun couple's spot..!1
  3. ANYthingoes6969

    More than a month ago
    Cap De Agde in the south of France is the most incredible nudist resort u ever want to see...Over 30,000 ppl there and its actually a nude resort...You go shopping in the supermarket nude,u go to lunch or dinner at restaurants nude..Nothing like it.. It is family orientated too but a very big swinger contingent as well.
  4. Kinkynhung

    More than a month ago
    Im thinking Little Conwong today...
    How does it compare to lady Jane?


    More than a month ago
    I thought I saw you at cobblers yesterday lol
  5. Farmer30s

    More than a month ago
    nice article, have to get to these on your list one day!
    Ive been to a couple in/near perth too.
    luv having a day lying in the sun nude, and even better when you have a gf to enjoy the outing with too.
  6. peblesinastream

    More than a month ago
    I prefer somers beach in Victoria,also a little known beach for nudists but popular with a dedicated bunch of naturists is cutlers cove near Wonthaggi,you can go for a long walk there unhindered
  7. paraba

    More than a month ago
    There are a few more I visit in N.S.W. Little Congwong beach in La Perouse is gorgeous and busy, Obelisk and Cobblers beach at Middle Head Mosman, a very nice bush walk in Balgowlah/Manly to Washaway Beach(very peaceful with only a small crowd). If you travel south Werring Each, Little Jibbly and little beach in Vincentia I between Nelsons beach and Blenheim beach. Further toward Batemans Bay, Myrtle beach is beautiful and a free beach as well. I enjoy travelling and being nude. Tim
  8. funguyatbyron

    More than a month ago
    we have 2 in the byron bay shire 1x south & 1x north grays lane easy to get to both

    Beach couple

    More than a month ago
    We agree. Most times we have ended up having fun there.
  9. whatevergoesxxx

    More than a month ago
    We often travel around the country and visit nude beaches, the only thing that is wrong is that there is not enough of them. In a country the size of Australia with so much coast line and more beaches than anywhere else in the world we have few nude beaches and some are not legal. Politicians and local communities should consider nude beaches as a great tourist attraction as they do in Europe, where nude tourism has been very successful. We often go to Sunny Side where the walk way from the car park to the beach is in urgent need of repair, but it seems the local council thinks all nudists are deviants and would like to see it closed.


    More than a month ago
    Great article -- Sunnyside Beach is located on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. Facing on to Port Phillip Bay, it is accessed by turning off the Nepean Highway into Sunnyside Road about half way between Mount Eliza and Mornington approximately 50km south of Melbourne. The actual nude beach is located north of the car park . Locals get upset if nudists use the beach adjacent to the car park??


    More than a month ago
    @TheG8tCornjolio Mornington Peninsula, just google it


    More than a month ago
    Where abouts is sunny side?
  10. omnicplmelb

    More than a month ago
    Little Beach in Maui is the best. It's a little tricky to find, but absolutely worth the rocky trek.


    More than a month ago
    Totally Agree it was fantastic
  11. bris123

    More than a month ago
    every beach in Spain
  12. 22easy

    More than a month ago
    Dundowran beach Hervey Bay is another
  13. 1nudemasseur

    More than a month ago
    Werrong Beach, located in Sydneys sth just in the NationalPark, and its legal
  14. SassySandy

    More than a month ago
    SANDY BAY!!!! Cape Town, South Africa is awesome, was my first experience on a nude beach, was VERY naughty times for me mmmmmmmm
  15. travelbugs

    More than a month ago
    There is also a good beach around the Bonney Lake --at Barmera sa
  16. skyef

    More than a month ago
    love Maslins Beach and Sunnydale on the river in SA between walkers falats ans Swann Reach never where clothes there
  17. Nitroizzy

    More than a month ago
    Even better than getting your kit off, getting your kit off with like-minded friends, who'd like to join us
  18. 4u2cUS

    More than a month ago
    My comments may offend some but there you go. I have been a lifelong nudist and exhibitionist. I think nudity and sex go hand in glove and its my observation after more than 40 years (I started as a teenager) of frequenting nude beaches in NSW and the ACT, that most other people who regularly visit nude beaches agree. Its only anecdotal, but its my observation that as many as 90% of men and maybe 40% of women who regularly visit nude beaches do so with the thought that they may have some sort of sexual encounter while they are there. I'm bisexual and my female partner and I inevitably have some sort of sexual contact (usually mutual masturbation but ocasionally oral and sometimes penetration) while sunbaking nude. Rather than offending anyone, others (men and women) seem to enjoy watching us. On the occasions when I go to a nude beach by myself I always have sex with other men. For me, sex is part of the nude beach scene. I am always discrete about where I have sex and every beach I visit has an area which is unofficially set aside for those who enjoy sex in the sun. My experience as a practicing nudist and exhibitionist has convinced me that I am in the overwhelming majority.


    More than a month ago
    You used to be able to nude it up at a section of Kambah Pools. Not sure if you still can.


    More than a month ago
    I'd like to know where there's a nude beach in the act ?
    I'm also thinking in Vic we have a couple of legal nude beaches and they are under lots of heat mainly for the reasons you mentioned they do attract deviates and the type that has no consideration for the true nudist exhibitionism and nudism are far different I'm a nudist and love sex in all forms and placed with multiple but I'd never do or consider undermining the respect of others on the beach o have seen some rather inappropriate behaviour around families and children on a legal beach and that's reason the police and cancels and the general population is putting the heat on us true fun loving nudist I say time and place for everything lol and this is coming from a self congestion nymph haha


    More than a month ago
    Just wondering why you thought your comments might offend people buddy.
    There pretty spot on i reckon. :)
  19. Transista

    More than a month ago
    Alexandria Bay - Sunshine Coast. Stunning nudist beach only 5 mins drive from Noosa.


    More than a month ago
    A Bay is awesome.
    I wanted to include it... But considering the legal hassles people have had there lately I thought probably not best to mention it in case Sunny Coasters decided to take my suggestion and go, and then end up arrested.

  20. redhotozz

    More than a month ago
    No Vera Playa, or Cap De Agde?


    More than a month ago
    There are about 100 I could have included.
    Not easy to cut them all down to a sizeable chunk.
  21. sensual15

    More than a month ago
    Great article - thank you ! And besides Sunnyside in Mt Eliza,where are the other beautiful nude beaches around Melbourne ?


    More than a month ago
    Somers as well


    More than a month ago
    Point Impossible, Torquay, is a great ocean beach. Wide open surf beach backed by dunes.


    More than a month ago
    There's Point Impossible Beach in Torquay and Melbourne Southside Beach- Anglesea


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